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✊🏾🖼 “MUSE” real last name Art Marketing I help artist monetize their creativity & make more money with their art using branding and marketing strategies. Are you an artist? Let me break down exactly what I do: The Pay The Artist Club Group Coaching Community 📌 Brand Clarity 📌 Identifying & Attracting Your Ideal Customer Avatar 📌 Pricing & Raising Prices 📌 Specialized Marketing Strategy 📌 Growing & Nurturing Your Audience 📌 Sales Automation 📌 Copywriting & Hook Points 📌 Brand Clarity 📌 Art Money Mindset 📌 Artist Opportunities 📌 Live Q&A’s 📌 Accountability 📌 Artist Network I help artists who want to start earning more money with their creativity to supplement or totally replace their income so that they can create full time for a living, should they choose so. I help artists who have trouble asking for and/or receiving what their work is worth. I help artists who want to grow their careers using the traditional art outlets like art exhibitions/fairs, galleries, museums, residences, auctions, etc. and also artists who want to stay independent of those avenues. My goal is to make it easier for you to live this Art Life! Message me “PTA” Today to join the Pay The Artist club! M.P.A Art Administrator Gallerist & Visual Artist Paid Speaker Artist Career Coach Author “Tripping Over Canvases: How to become a Successful Artrepreneur” Author “Tripping Over Canvases: How to Open An Art Gallery With No Prior Experience” Author “The Introverted Artist’s Guide To Art Sales” Owner: Above Art Studios @aboveartstudios (IG) [email protected] 🏆 “Best Art Award” New Jersey Black Businesses 🏆 “Entrepreneurship Award” National Council of Negro Women Blk Arthouse Advisory Board NJ Art Administrators of Color Advisory Board Black Girls Who Paint Advisory Board Vice President of Newark Poetry Council Institute of Music for Children Advisory Board