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Dr.Charmaine Wilson




Do you find yourself coming down with undiagnosed illnesses, like breathing issues, rashes, allergies and the doctor can’t figure out what’s going on? Many times that’s not a rash, that’s not allergies. It could be that your actually being poisoned by the products that you are using in your own home. So, I am Dr. Charmaine Wilson and the problem I solve is, I provide alternative products, that are greener, cleaner and better quality than what’s in those big box stores. We have over 500 products in the online store like soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, cleaning products, all organic nontoxic. So Let’s talk [email protected] or reach out to me here on Clubhouse or Instagram- Charmaine.3133 looking forward to it. 🇯🇲 Here is my business link