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Alison Loerke




Intuitive networker developing broader context for touring musicians through other cultural and environmental contexts | passionate about music rooted in tradition reverberating across time & space| community builder | Experienced producer (ALIA Prod) of multiple tours for 50+ artists from 38 countries | traveler not tourist | Connecting Across Cultures| Environmental protector Interested in music, food, wellness, storytelling, marine environment, wildlife, photography, history, progressive politics, museums, films, visual arts Social justice - rewrite US history to correct the record- prison reform- abolish ICE - where are the children??? Abolish the death penalty. Abolish Citizens United AMNH-Arts INT’L - LMCC- BRIC - ALIA Prod Providence-Rome - Philly-Pittsburgh-Paris-London-DC-NYC-Madison-Seattle-DC Howard U Feel free to reach out via email at [email protected]. Http://