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Christie St. Martin




🗳 CEO of Gamers.Vote My whole deal is content strategy ideation to execution. ABM: 🏥 Gamers Outreach 🎮 Zoned Gaming 🗣 Fridai: The Gamer Assistant 👾 content & brand marketing strategy and former competitive gamer who is laser focused on creating social & civic impact in the gaming community. Most recently ran a 1.2 billion organic impressions impact campaign for Gamers.Vote. 🗳✊🏿🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈♻️🌊🏥♥️🕹 👩🏻‍💻My XP: 20 years in content creation & content strategy 15+ years brand strategy & marketing 15+ years in social & digital strategy 10 years in partnerships & business development 10 years in non profit support & impact initiatives 12+ years as top blogger (2000-2012) Top blogger ATC [400k/2mil refresh readership], VH1 [Ran Best Week Ever Blog], LA Times [given own blog and contributor to Hero Complex], Buzzfeed, and more. 🎮 Some of Gamers.Vote Partners 🗳: Twitch ➖ Facebook Gaming ➖ FaZe Clan ➖ MTV ➖ Warner Bros Games ➖ Take 2 Interactive ➖ NBA2K ➖ Brawlhalla ➖Comcast NBCUniversal ➖ TSM ➖ XSET ➖ Dignitas ➖ World Poker Tour ➖ ULT ➖ Venn ➖ eFuse ➖ Champion ➖Team Envy ➖ ➖ Shotcall and so many more incredible partners! ✨Brand & Impact work (social, digital, content, experiential): Twitch ➖Google ➖Microsoft ➖ JP Morgan Chase ➖ PUBG ➖L’Oréal ➖ MTV ➖Coca-Cola ➖Samsung ➖Viacom ➖LA Times ➖Mixer ➖Facebook ➖CDC Foundation ➖HeroX ➖XPrize and more. ♟Games that made me who I am♟: Spy vs Spy, FF, Everquest, D&D, Quake, Counter-Strike (1.4 to source), TF, Eve Online, AoC, CoH, Secret World A bit about me: ♊️ Gemini 🧠 INFJ (Advocate) 🖖 Star Trek & Star Wars 🤓 🎧 Once upon a time used to DJ