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Ceo Ty




💱Institutional Trader 🙏🏼Pray for Hawaii 🌋 💳 I do business credit trade lines, I can make a business before it starts up look like a million dollar company. 💰Real rich people don’t talk about money because they have nothing to prove. Only the wanna be rich people do. 🏦 I Work with the Federal reserve in the fintech space. 🤔I don’t sell anything I solve problems 🏆Created millionaires in my career 🙏🏼God 1st 📸 Featured in Business from Home 2x 📍Hawaii 🌋 Btc investor since 2013 Always have a DMO It’s not about becoming a millionaire that’s important, it’s the person that you must first become in order to become a millionaire. Don’t ask me for money I don’t like Gold Diggers, but I’ll teach you how to make your own money. Dm's open Let's Connect 👇🏼