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Crystal Chisholm




📌President and Founder of Crayne Career Solutions (Professional Brand Development and Coaching Firm) 🎯 Recruitment Operations Manager | Talent Acquisition Consultant | Certified Diversity Recruiter (CDR) 📚 Best Selling Author of Branding is a Big Deal-How to Identify, Market, and Attract Purpose-Driven Opportunities | Contributing Author of Career Rehab 🎙 Speaker | Trainer | LinkedIn Strategist | Certified Career Coach ♠️STAFFING & RECRUITMENT♠️ I partner with corporations to... ✔️Diversify their workforce ✔️Eliminate illegal, expensive, antiquated recruitment processes ✔️Train internal recruitment and external staffing teams on best-in-class sourcing, interviewing, hiring and onboarding ♠️CAREER DEVELOPMENT ♠️ I work with... ✔️ CAREER CHANGERS who are ready to make a pivot and align with better opportunities ✔️ PROFESSIONALS 40+ who have faced age discrimination and need assistance navigating the job market ✔️SMALL TO MID-SIZE ORGANIZATIONS that have to downsize and want offer career readiness services to their staff ✔️NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS to deliver engaging professional development workshops and webinars to their members 🔗 FOLLOW ME ON LINKEDIN Crystal Chisholm, Author 📧 CONTACT [email protected] 🌍 VISIT 📍Jersey/NY 🇯🇲 Jamaican-American