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Michael Lyons




New York Times person of the year 2006 I enjoy collaboration, connecting like minds to help advance projects and align interests. I have a passion for helping people find ways to profit from doing the things that make them come alive. I have a deep interest in psychology, philosophy, sustainability and the way ideas and value move through communities and how that can be optimized I value connection, integrity and sincerity. Bring me up on stage to benefit from brief targeted insights and a substantial signal boost. Moderation assistance is available as well as to benefit from my work with deescalation and nonviolent communication. Spreading opportunities is a skill and a passion. Occasionally available for consultation. Value and utility based crypto investor. It outweighs my stock portfolio at this point. Feel free to ask me why. I am often discussing this here or on one of my shows on greenroom@Cryptoworkz If you can’t explain why you are investing in a project and how you see it being used and gaining value you aren’t investing, you are gambling. Gambling can be fun and you can win but make sure you understand the game you are playing. You can simulate trading crypto here I was told someone named a scam coin after me. Don’t buy it. If we are on stage discussing cryptocurrency or any other financial instruments please understand i am committed to accurate information and will correct inaccurate or incomplete information regardless of any personal consequences. please understand that though I am often asked to add value on serious topics in serious room you will find me in a wide variety of rooms discussing an infinity of subjects. This is not intended to be a strictly professional account...