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Bitcoin Evangelist, sometime prophet, accountant, political economist, & unstable genius. (Crypto themed apparel, coffee, & info shop) $Pricecobbs RIP Kabosu (2016-2024) A few basic Crypto acronyms: DYOR - Do Your Own Research FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt KYC - Know Your Customer AML - Anti Money Laundering DeFi - Decentralized Finance AMM - Automated Market Maker Other acronyms: ATH - All Time High DCA - Dollar Cost Averaging TA - Technical Analysis “The revolution will not be televised, but it will be on the blockchain” - Crypto Rasputin 🏴 “Crypto goes up, crypto goes down” - Lao Tzu The Rise & Fall of Dogecoin: Doge Monetization Fusion Party-Doge Liberation Front (D.M.F.P.-D.L.F. )🐕 Shiba Inu Liberation Army