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Master Educator | Perpetual Entrepreneur | Crypto Enthusiast | African Centered Pedagogical Thinker | Love to love and laugh My mission is to spread the importance and knowledge of building generational wealth. My loves and interest are in real estate, cryptocurrency, investing in startups, STEM education & programming, and entrepreneurship. for more info As a former educator, I believe in the genius of our children and hope that you are involving them in your wealth building educational journey. To help with that, I’ve teamed up with UrbanIntellectuals to create a one-of-a-kind, phenomenal mathematics course that will prepare your child for a future you can’t yet imagine. Taking this course will have them more confident than the average adult and more advanced than their peers. #TSPPropel Member Ready to invest in crypto? Start here: Want to invest in stocks? Get your crypto domain: Like what you heard? PayMe: assata$ CashApp: $LaMailedeMoore