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Christina Rodehau




🍷Founder & CEO of Monarch Wine -Social wine club and publication for wine enthusiasts 🎯Mission: Bridging the gap between fine wine and the next generation of wine lovers 🤝Join: 👀Read: 🎶Creating a symphony, Varietal Vibes, w/ composer and multi-instrumentalist, @alpineuniverse Orchestral arrangements with hip hop, 80’s and contemporary influence to act as ‘wine theme’ songs 💕Purpose: Make people feel something in their hearts through music and wine 👋Founder of CH club, ‘Monarch Wine Club’ 🗓Join us in 🍷Varietal Vibes 🎶 Background: 📍NY/CA Hybrid 📊Management Consulting Feet on the ground, head in the sky,🍷in my glass 💌Contact: [email protected]