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CREDIT EXPERT 📈 : ReCredit CEO ninjaFLO ENZYMES 🌱 Founder Investor | Inventor | Innovator💡 DM “list” on IG to join my newsletter DM “apply” on IG for Credit Services Original Instagram @creditninja 28K followers is down ❌ Advisor to CEOs, Celebrities, Influencers, YouTubers, Ecom Experts & Athletes 🗣 Keynote Speaker 🎤 🛩 Jetsetter- 🧳 Travel 🏙 Luxury Hotel & Airline Plug 🏦 Funding 💰💵 🤝 Super Connector 🚀 ⚙️ Inventor of 3 Patents ©️ for Debit / Credit & Money Transfer CREDIT NINJA started working a safe job in corporate finance. At least until the housing market crashed 📉 in 2008. Credit Ninja’s job dissolved as she became a victim of fraud. In short, Credit Ninja’s world stopped spinning. She lost millions. The bank took her home and her bank accounts were frozen. And, after a 4-year lawsuit fueled by meager poker winnings and ramen noodles, Credit Ninja’s credit was wrecked. Yet, just as Credit Ninja fought day by day to protect her life; she knew she could fight day by day to build her life back up. And she did. Over the following months she went from the low 400’s well past the 800 🚀 range. Her close friends and prior colleagues took notice. One by one Credit Ninja shared her credit “cheat codes”. She helped them master the credit game to get the business funds, car loans, house loans, and even exclusive travel “hacks” as only a true Credit Ninja can. And the name stuck! That’s why today Credit Ninja goes beyond credit repair alone. Credit Ninja’s passion is sharing the big picture of true wealth. Not just repairing credit, but using credit as a wealth-building tool. Credit Ninja’s Fico Score 👉 perfect 850 📈 Visit 👉👉 📍Lives in Vegas 🎰 Hobbies : ⛳️🎾🏓🎱 Mom to 5 fur babies 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕