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🇺🇸 California Photo caption 頭像標題 20 年來最強之北極光,截圖為2024/05/10之極光活動,伸延至美國北部及英國。 —— Sashimi hachi Mori —— NIO EP9 —— SR-71 blackbird in Smithsonian air & space museum in Washington DC —— A-12 trainer ——————————————- 🇺🇸 retired in California A fan of Cesar Milan (Cesar 911 & Dog Whisperer) & Jo Frost (Supernanny). Look them up on YouTube or Netflix. Interesting topics: —— - intraplate earthquakes: Eg 2011 5.8 magnitude quake in Virginia seismic zone. Also most active New Madrid seismic zone in Missouri, in Tennessee, New England etc. - Voracious Purple Sea Urchins Are Ravaging Kelp Forests on the West Coast — best solution? Order uni at any restaurant whenever they are on their menu. —— Interested in recent breakthroughs/progresses in: - Commercial supersonic travel, NASA’s X-59, Aerion AS2, United Airlines’ order of Boom supersonic airliners. - Hypersonic flights, SCRAM-Jet, X-51. - EV Battery tech: Silicon anode batteries, Graphene Aluminum Ion battery by nanotech, Lithium metal battery, northvolt, Cuberg, quantumScape, Solid Power; solid state battery; nuclear diamond battery NDB; Flow battery etc. - Nuclear fusion reactor breakthroughs, Helion, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, First Light Fusion, HD11 Energy. - mini-nuclear reactors, portable nuclear power. - Alternative meltdown proof nuclear fission technologies such as Thorium energy, molten salt reactor, ThorCon, Terrestrial Energy. - DNA editing, GMO, synthetic DNA, Ginko Bioworks. - Potential COVID-19 treatment that stops the cytokines storm in patients. —— Goodies to share: - 美加各城市的居住環境評分 Livability scores of American and Canadian cities (click on each score to see further details & breakdown): - 世界各地的薪金股票福利水平 Compensation and benefits offered by major corporations around the world (click on numbers for breakdowns): - 網上打天九: - Mortgage analyzer Google Sheet, feel free to make a copy for your own use or share with your friends. 1RUWXTv3CN8ImUwv9_FfOLG5TLwL8aX7aCQHGziWMIPE ——