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Courtney Fricke




🗝Professional RE Problem Solver & Value Giver‼️ 🏘Creative Real Estate Investor (LA, MS) 📚Real Estate Investors Association Owner and Founder, @NorthshoreREIA (New Orleans Market) 🎙Radio Show CoHost on WWL’s Home Improvement Call In Show 870AM ~ 1M Listeners Each Weekend ⚜️Educator with Group coaching that happens weekly. Message me “Group Coaching” for details. Enjoy the way I teach? Consider joining my group coaching for more gems and case studies or look to see if I have an upcoming workshop for you to attend. DM for more info! I love playing CHESS with Real Estate through: 📫 Buy and Holds - SFR, MFR, Mobile Home Parks 🏚 Fix n’ Flips - Prefer Wholetails 📝 Wholesale 📍 Developments including Entitlements ♠️ Complex + Creative Deals - curing title, finding heirs, partial interest purchases, buying and selling on terms 💰I fund my deals with private money from everyday individuals ❗️My money partners make bank off the lucrative deals I put together. Interested in getting your money working for you more? Let’s chat! 📲 💰Have a deal in LA or MS? I am a cash/creative buyer and I co-wholesale. Let’s connect! 📲 📲 Let’s link up and collaborate‼️ Check out for some freebies, links to my next REIA meeting, and Facebook groups for Louisiana Real Estate investors and professionals to further network, etc. Disclaimer: The statements made on this platform are for educational purposes and should not be considered legal, tax, or investing advice. Please contact my consulting firm for questions related to specific coaching programs. Money sent on this app does not equate to engaging the consulting firm in business. PS: The value sharing is my duty. 💯 The response of action is up to you. 🙏🏼 If you’re reading this, I’m rooting for you. 🔥