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Jolyon Collier




Nonprofit leader 💎 public speaker 🎤mentor ❤️ artist 🌅 designer ⛩ dream builder 🪜 all round ocean and planet lover🌎 🤜💥Nonprofit: jolyon is the president and founder of the non-profit Counting Coral that was created in 2020. Counting Coral designs, builds, donates and installs underwater sculptural coral banks. We plant 🌱very rare coral species on our sculptures to help fight the devastating coral loss that is happening worldwide To date we have lost 50% of the worlds coral reefs😠 We work with and donate our work to organisation that can benefit from this approach. 🔸Designer:🔸 I have been passionate about building things from a very younge age, fast forward a few years and I now design homes, furniture, home thearters, recording studio and underwater sculptures. 🌱powered 🇬🇧 Artist: Art is a driving force in my life, from photography to sculptures to observing nature in it's infinate abundance of artistic expressions. Contact: [email protected] 🙏MAKE A DIFFERENCE🙏 The "Give Money 💰" button is a direct link to Counting Coral's 501-C (3) non-profit stripe account.