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Brand New Voices is giving web3 its why by building the Human Blockchain. We help empower the new voices of web3 through diversity, marketing, education, storytelling, culture, and human-centered design principles. It’s a new concept rooted in ancient soil. Connect at Also, marketing for Community Banks. 🚀 15+ years of website & print design. ✍️ Journalist trained, not afraid to voice strong opinions. ⛓ Participant at the 2019 Consensys Blockchain for Social Impact Conference in NYC. 👋🏽 Outspoken DEI Advocate ✳️ Panelist speaker at the Culturally Competent Conversations DEI Conference 2021. ✳️ Clubhouse speaker, moderator, and listener. Open to interesting co-mod opportunities on marketing, digital communities, DEI, homelessness, social impact, social justice, journalism, anthropology, blockchain, fintech, and financial inclusion. —— Clients current & past include: ➕ Nike ➕ Intel ➕ Barret School of Banking ➕ World Health Organization ➕ Special Olympics International —— Evangelist for: ❤️ Blockchain for Social Impact 💲Financial Inclusion 👥 Ending homelessness - One voice can move mountains, many can change the world. - Good conversations never end. - Believer in “meet you where you’re at” marketing. - Based in Portland, Oregon, USA