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πŸ’«We are each other’s miracles πŸ’« More here: Monday thru Friday at 9 30 AM ET on wemustmeet πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ going more deeply into energies of the week according to Sabian Symbols, gene keys and more 😍 On CH: informal pop up silent meditation at 5.30 AM ET not scheduled not recorded. Silent mantra meditation - living light transmissions If you want to check in and work with me on gene keys, spiritual coaching: More info on KHORA creates sacred virtual and physical spaces for healing and transformative practical spirituality: curating gifted healers and teachers offering workshops, 1-1 sessions and other tools for transformation. Author of β€œan intuitive study of reality” an intro into spiritual concepts and tools for Spiritual Hygiene. πŸ’« Love you 😘 πŸ’œ