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Dennis Donnel Sumlin




Astro Numerologist, Coach, Educator, and just a cool dude. Dennis has been working with Numerology and Astrology for over 20 years. Through his company, Core Confidence Life, he provides in depth readings and offers coaching and classes on the art of Numerology and Astrology. As a member of Core Confidence Life, you get free and discount admission into classes and readings, as well as a place that will help you promote your particular metaphysical practice, and more. Using your birth chart , Dennis helps you understand yourself in a deeper way, determine compatible friends and partners, and how to live a Core Confident Life. You will understand the power of numbers in your everyday life. Whether you want to know yourself and your loved ones better, or you want to become an Astro Numerologist, Dennis and Core Confidence Life provides a safe supportive space for learning and growth. Communication Dennis is also a Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters Speaking and Leadership International. He coaches and teaches public speaking skills and can assist you in your podcast development. His history includes improv acting, pop lyric writing, professional commercials, talent recruiting and production. Mission Dennis's mission is to help you unlock your natural talents and harness your unique spirit power. He wants to assist you in living with more Passion, Pleasure, and Purpose. Dennis was born and raised in New York City and has worked with people from many parts of the world. Contact: [email protected] Website: https://WWW.CoreConfidenceLife.COM Become A Member Of Core Confidence Life CCL Podcast: http://WWW.CCLPodcast.COM Donations. PayPal: [email protected] Cash app: $DennisRSumlin Venmo: Dennis-R-Sumlin-2 Zel: [email protected]