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Commerce/Fintech VC investor in founders that see the world as their oyster & produce content to amplify their stories. āœŠšŸ¾ FELA! on Clubhouse Executive Producer āœŠšŸ¾ Funding Black Creators at Co-producing NXT.ART pavilion & salons Producing Tea Time with @Shauziland on Black Enterprise General Partner at Passbook Ventures (fka Aux21), a seed VC (www.Passbook.Ventures) VC-in-Residence for Techstars Western Union Accelerator Host of Venture The World Podcast. Join Venture The World Club for immigrant founders to have engaging discussions & connect with global startup ecosystems. Former Intl Dev at World Bank & OPIC, I-Banker at Dinosaur Securities & Merrill Lynch, Lawyer at Weil Gotshal. Connect with me via (59452)