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Former Clubhouse icon Looking for paid moderator positions, Black girls talknumber 440 Hello my name is Danielle Stephens. I’m 38 years old. Accessibility tester for several different companies Looking for podcast and or virtual stages to speak on to get my story out into the virtual world looking for friendship and looking to network with people who are interested in computers, technology, and collaborating with people who are working from home, and have resources that I can use to help me make money from home, except for bitcoin and real estate. have an interest in personal development, career resources, as well as social media, and helping people who have apps and websites that need someone to beta test them specifically making sure that they are accessible to people who are blind, and or visually impaired. Also want to network with people who have ADHD, and are looking for support groups to help them succeed Want to grow personally and professionally. also willing to help out wherever I can. I have several referrals and connections that I can give to people so please connect with me.