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Actra Film Actor ✝️Let God be your Light 🧳Travel Designer 🌟Connector Supreme 🎤Speaker 📚Article People’s Magazine Wellness with Chronic Illness 👉Film Agent: @Jennifermilne Panache Mgmt Canada 📌Email: [email protected] 🚦👇👇🚦 🏛️ Founder 2021 “FIELD of DREAMS”Sunday7:00pm PST /10:00pm EST Welcoming⚜️Artists⚜️Entrepreneurs⚜️Athletes ⚜️Filmmakers/Actors ⚜️Angel Investors Link: 🌟Patronage for Field of Dreams House Future Projects. Join Field of Dreams private Facebook Group 🏛️ Founder TIME 2 TRAVEL & Travel by Design Houses (since 2022) 🚦👇👇🚦 Connect with me: [email protected] 📌 Travel Consultant Groups, Cruise & River Cruise & Destination Tours [email protected] 📌 Be My guest 1 free Session (Affiliate of Formula EQ Academy) Emotional Intelligence 👉 📌 Speaker (Arthritis Society of Canada & Various Published Interviews & Articles 📌Limelife Canada Beauty Consultant: Consuelo Benson Professional Make Up & Skin Care. Ask to become a business owner 👉SHOP online [email protected] 🚦👇WHO AM I 👇🚦 🎬 F I L M ACTRA ACTOR 🎬 👉Casting Workbook 👉Actors Access Producer & Backer: Indie Short & Feature Board Director: Canada 48 Film Fest Exec Director: Ben Williams Member FascinAsian Film Festival Member Gimli Film Festival 📌I am an ACTRA Actor not active on IMDB but you’ll see my name from different projects. I work behind the scenes for 11 years non credited. Credits commercials and Independent Short Films. Worked various Feature films on Netflix, Universal Studio, Hallmark, Lifetime, Century Fox, Amazon, TV series CBC, CITI, CBS 🚦👇👇🚦 ✈️ TRAVEL ✈️ 26 Countries |17 USA | 8 Canada Certified Consultant C.T.C/T.I.C.O/A.C.C Senior Consultant American Express Global Business Travel 🧳 Former General MGR Sarbit Travel 🦋 Charity Arthritis Society of Canada 🦋 SPEAKER | Connection Support Leader |Facilitator Education | Advisory Board Member |Advocacy 🌐 donate 🦋Dr Mary Pack Volunteer Award 2021 🦋 Interview People’s Magazine 2021 🚦👇👇🚦 ☑️WISDOM app ☑️OWWL app call me ☑️YOUTUBE Consuelo Journeys ☑️TIK TOK @consuelojourneys ☑️LINKEDIN Consuelo Benson ☑️THREADS Twitter ⬇️ Instagram ⬇️