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Nica (pronounced Nee-Kah) ***Currently sourcing for a Executive roles in the Philadelphia Region*** Talent Solutions / Nonprofit Leader / Volunteer Management / Domestic Violence Advocate / Sociology Adjunct / Speaker / Trainer / MHS / Army Mom / HBCU Grad LU 💥 Founder and CEO of Connectress 👩🏽‍💻Connecting Conversations: Fridays at 7:55pm ♣️Connecting Conversations ♣️Crafters Noir 🎤 Connectress 👚 WildThreads Original 🖼 Connectress Crafts ✈️ Connectress Travel 👉🏽 I help nonprofits build and enhance their volunteer program. 👉🏽 Need products for your biz or brand? Talk to me. I make dope ish. 👉🏽 I help black and brown professionals get a seat at the executive level interview table as a Talent Solution Partner with DiverseForce 👉🏽 Jersey girl in a Phila world (but I still don’t pump gas💅🏽).