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▪️Grammy Nominated Electronic Producer ▪️ Award winning Software Designer ▪️ Blockchain Artist ▪️ Film Composer ▪️ Music Tech Entrepreneur ▪️ Godfather of Trance ▪️ Believe block chain technologies will revolutionize and liberate The Arts ▪️ Happiest under 100ft of water ▪️ Scored films The Fast and Furious and Oscar Winning Monster | Creator of #StutterEdit | Guinness Book of World Records holder | I’ve been blessed collaborating with artists like David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Tiesto, Howard Jones, Madonna, Armin Van Buuren and many more. ▪️ I’m an INTJ that believes ADHD is a superpower. I believe in the inherent goodness and purpose of all people and that organized sound has transformative powers yet to be fully unlocked or understood. ▪️ My personal mission is to bend the collective human narrative, even if ever so slightly, towards good. ▪️ Weapons of choice are : mindset, faith and creating music and tools that engender a sense of belonging, beauty, creativity and awe. ▪️ Current dev work is weighted towards the intersectional space between ML and MI. In development of multiple adaptive and assistive compositional tools and other breathtakingly exciting new music software and platforms. ▪️ Passion project is creating conversational space around the musical artist as a training set. Modern IP and ethical constructs do not currently protect sound content creators in AI space. Ultimately, I’d like to participate in a congressional bill to designate an artist’s body of work as a protected training set. ▪️ My wife Lacy and I are solopreneurs, running all the (above) vectors of a personal brand businesses. We love clubhouse and connecting with a conscious group. ▪️ Excited to connect. If it’s an elevated conversation - tap me in!