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Alyssa Smith




Evolutionary Ecologist•Biotech concept creator/developer• logistics expert• inventor •Generalist specialist biologist cuttin’ through scientific confusion with common sense, scalable measurements & fundamental scientific principles•Common sense science for a common good• NOTHING NEW UNDER THE 🌞 NSF GRFP Fellow Evolutionary Ecology (U of Arizona) MS Agricultural Molecular Biology (Virginia Tech) Logistics of SCALES of biological diversity, timelines , & evolution of complex interactions. From proteins, microbial communities, plants, soil to entire ecosystems- we are passionate about the origin and roots of complex interactions in nature. 🌍🌲🌱🍄🧬🧫♥️✨⚡️ [email protected] [email protected] ****COMMONGROUND BIO****** *CommonSenseScience* *scaling solutions* *big data* *Save the soil* *scales of Diversity* *timelines* *Ecology* *Costa Rica y Tucson AZ* *soil science fundamentals* *soil probes* *molecular tools* *plant-microbe molecular biology* *experimental design* *science communication*