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🎥 YouTube @ Collin Michael 📈 200K+ Subs | 20,000,000 Views. 👉 Helping New Creators Make Better Content.📱 I also run a program called Channel Launch 🚀 where I help beginners build highly optimized YouTube channels that attract viewers, subscribers, and leads. Visit or the link on my twitter for more info. ⚠️ Don’t trust everyones credentials on here. ⚠️ Being on stage and parroting smart things doesn’t make you an expert. Do your research. 🎥 YouTube @ Collin Michael 💰 Full Time Creator 📈 200K+ Subs | 20,000,000 Views. 📱TikTok @ Collin_Michael_Edits 📋 Skillshare Course Creator. 🎥 Amazon Influencer. 🧑‍💻Facebook Reels Program Creator. 🎓LinkedIn Learning Instructor. ☕️ 📍| Location: Milwaukee, WI.