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Colin Cheng




👉簡歷Bio: -萬旭浤資訊科技集團董事長 -曾任扶輪社社長、獅子會會長 -美國、台灣會計師、國際公認反洗錢師 -Certified Public Account in US(AICPA) -Certified Public Account in Republic of China -Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist(CAMS) -President of 萬旭浤資訊科技集團 -Past President of Rotary Club of Taipei Ambrosia -Past President of Lions club in Taipei -Founder of FintechCPA -Vegetarian素食者 👉服務項目Service: -Investing Service -Financial Advice -Compliance Service -Software Development Service -Blockchain as a Service -Cryptocurrency Tax Advisory 👉聯絡方式Contact: -Facebook 1.FintechCPA科技金融會計師 2.GoldWiseGroup萬旭浤資訊科技集團 -Telegram +886 939 052 321 -WhatsApp +886 939 052 321 -Email [email protected]