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🥗Frasier quote of the week🍳 Frasier: So, how do the calls look today? Roz: Well, we've got a couple of jilted lovers, a man who's afraid of his car, a manic depressive, and three people who feel their lives are going nowhere. Frasier: Oh, I love a Monday. 🟦🔷🟦🔷🟦🔷🟦🔷🟦🔷🟦🔷🟦🔷🟦 I ❤️ FRASIER, I entertain with Vaihi Married to a 10 cow wife. She is my Kwan. I ❤️ to eat, who doesn’t. Oh and I play Ukulele! 🇺🇸 SW-6687-3382-3991 if u wanna switch and chill