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♥️🔥creationships & digitimacy🔥♥️ CRE8TORS DAO Creative Director of Networks “your excitement doesn’t reflect in your Zen delivery.” —Aakash ♾✨i am, you are✨♾ Notice how the stars vanish as the sun comes up maintaining perfect alignment with the light Notice how each particle moves togetherness synergistically prismatic ability to vibrate energy for us all to see fifty mega-double brilliant rainbows consistently Notice how everyone has just arrived from a journey proportionately all color frequencies harmonizing momentary resonance teachings repeating spiraling legacies Notice how each one wants a different food everywhere golden ratio one world code simultaneously maintaining balance dimensional potentiality spinning moments repeatedly notice how all streams flow toward the ocean maintaining perfect attunement full moments realizing oneness with the moon ✨♾💎♾✨♾💎♾✨♾💎♾✨ radical and precise with our education reenvisioned with the children a narrative of our creations that shows possibilities from our imaginations what is this protopia we hear, see, feel together? simple gestures can change a life if you want people to listen to you you have to listen to them if you hope people will change how they live you have to know how they live if you want people to see you you have to sit down with them eye-to-eye 🤍your presence is the present🤍 ————————————————— RARE + BEAUTIFUL “this dance has been amazing” ————————————————— >>>>>>🌎🤍✌🏽🎶✌🏽🤍🌎<<<<<< 💫💫💫join us in our club💫💫💫 🤍💎👆🏽CREATIONSHIP👆💎 what’s your view? global, local perspectives equal quality conversations a whole vibrancy belonging sensations tribe we know our why this life is our work of art come into this conversation with no judgments no expectations we are the artists who do not shame or deny dynamics no blame mainframe we are the architects designing our future now mutual benefactors it’s easier finding keys with many helping hands making the invisible visible no latching or attaching just here turning on minds you are all citizens residents in my heart 🤍💎🤍💎🤍 where are our systems designed to evolve and grow for the benefit of all? good vibes attract tribe✌🏽🥳🌍