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Multi Genre Artist, 🇪🇹multi award winning composer and conductor seen on Empire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med. A multiple award winning musical director and president of the venerable AACM, The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. ✨🔴✨⚫️✨🟢 Creatrix of The Multi Genre Artist Creativity Tool Workbook™️ Designed for artist, and those struggling with ADHD, Autism and those who are neurodivergent. I help you free your mind with unique methods to unlock creative flow and genius. CLICK link in my IG bio⬇️✨🦄✨ ♊️☀️♓️🌘♉️🖕🏽 Human Design: 6/2 Manifesting Generator INFJ: ENFP- A Campaigner Life Path: 20/2 ⚔️⛓🧿⛓Omo OGUN⛓🧿 📜Kemetic name Briah Sheps Maat (She who wills Divine Will and Truth, with the help of the Shepsu) 🎱Available for moderation MFA - Creative Writing/Screenwriting $Elysses I am a Creative Alchemist ✨🧬✨🔬✨🔭✨💎✨🔮 🧬✨Reconnective Healing (inbox for appointment) I am a Creativity Coach to Master Creatives and Professors unlocking continuous creative genius.🧑🏽‍🏫🧑🏼‍🎨 I do morning pages ✍🏽 The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. I am a member of 🎭AFTRA/SAG, 🎭AEA, 🎼AFM 🪘CONGA🎸DIDDLEY BOW 🎼COMPOSER 📀DISCOGRAPHY 💿Miyumi Project 💿Raw and Alive 1 & 2 💿Skylanding - Music of Yoko Ono 💿The Best of the Miyumi Project 💿Nicole Mitchell’s Africa Rising 💿Raiza - Latino Soul 💿Resurrection Suite ✍🏼WRITER Indigo Child - 🎞✍🏽Screenplay 🎼COMPOSER 🏆2019 Jeff Winner Best Original Music in a Play for TILIKUM 🏆2019 ALTA Award Best Original Music in a Play for TILIKUM 🎤🗣PODCAST - Fifty Year Old Pussy®️ A cross generational dialogue of baby boomers, gen Xer’s and millennials on wisdom, humor, and sexuality of the maturing woman. Y en español... 🗣🎤PODCAST Chocha de Cincuenta Años®️ (in development) 🎬Starchild Lovechild Productions | screenwriting | music production | film scoring | talent acquisition |television production | intimacy coaching | directing Some projects include... 🎬PRODUCER 🎩 Player’s Court (Pilot) 🤰🏽Urban Doula (Pilot) 2014 Semifinalalist in Lifetime Television Unscripted Development Pipeline ✨🤰🏽VooDoula ✨20 year + veteran DOULA ✨🥛Breastfeeding Advocate/Gangster ✨✨🎤VO Artíst ✨A Doula Story Documentary ✨🪞Mirror Touch Synesthete ✨Virtual Doula Services 👁✨⚡️Intuitive Readings (inbox for app.) 20 year + veteran VO Artist Saints Row | Watchdogs | Everquest) 🎨Heaucature Handmade Art 💼Leather Jewelry Artist 🎨 I worked with repurposed leather, paint on vintage designer bags with original art ✨