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Cobus Visser \S/uperman 🇿🇦 🦸‍♂️#supermanchallenge 🏔 International Motivational Keynote Speaker #livewithoutregret 🔥Firewalk Teamculture Guru #Raisethestandard 🦾Peak performance mental strength Consultant  #whateverittakes 🤑Business & Marketing Strategist #crushit 🤩★I Help Businesses to grow up to 10 000% in 12months through business and marketing strategies★ 👇👇👇 Link to all Links 🙏👉Cobus was diagnosed with Haemophilia as a child - he endured pain every day of his life since a young age but never has he had his condition define him as a person. In 2014 Cobus found himself in hospital – unable to move and in excruciating pain. But instead of giving up and succumbing to his situation Cobus decided there and then that he will not have his body imprison him for the rest of his life – instead he was determined to move his arms again one day, crawl again one day, and maybe climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro one day. He did all of that. In 2018 Cobus conquered Mount Kilimanjaro and is already planning his next adventure: the Camino de Santiago, Everest base camp & Machu Picchu - Nothing to lose and a world to see.. His own mental strength and abilities have given him the skills and tools to help thousands of people every day to change their lives for the better and gain PEAK PERFORMANCE.   COBUS'S STORY IS TRULY AN INSPIRATION. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT HIM IS, HE IS A LIVING EXAMPLE THAT IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT YOU CAN ACHIEVE ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. THAT NIGHT WE WALKED ON FIRE. - ROBIN BANKS 90906 🙏