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Support OUR NEW Ministry XPOSURE Life Cashapp $XPOSURELife XPOSURE TALKS •EntrePRAYneur •Youth Development Coach (Coached/Inspired over 20,000 students) •Motivational Speaker Founder CEO-ReaLifEmpire LLC. Cre8Wear Brand, Xposure Ventures Current Initiative You Can Help: Xposure Academy Registering 1,000 young men Black-Owned Business 🖤 ✊🏾 I’m here to coach and inspire parents to invest, connect, register their youth to unlock their gift and allow their gift to build lives they dream of living. We do this through Xposure Academy (Virtual Group Coaching) Teen Young Men Xposure Academy Blindspot Coaching-18-35 yr old Men The “Blindspots" self-leadership course is designed to help individuals identify and overcome their Blindspots, which are hidden biases, limitations, or obstacles that may hinder personal growth and leadership development. Through a combination of self-reflection, practical exercises, and guided learning, participants will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and acquire the skills necessary to address and transform their Blindspots into opportunities for growth. Are you a parent of a future leader? 👩‍🎓 👨‍🎓 👩‍🔬 🕴 Have you exposed them to the right people, places, and things? 🏖 ✈️ 🏘 Have you equipped them with the tools they need not what you want them to have?🔨🛠⚒️🔧🪛🪚🗜⛏🪓🧰🔩⚙️ Do you need executable strategies that will help them better their relationship with their parents, siblings, and friends? Ready to improve your teen? Book a Parent Strategy Session DM me on Instagram Join our Club: The Purpose Corner —————————————————— Book for Speaking Engagements: Tariko Satterfield [email protected] Inspiring youth to “Xpose Your Greatness”