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CoachNyla Al-Mujaahid




Muslimah. Wife. Mother. Author. Relationship, Marriage & Polygyny Coach. 🙋🏽‍♀‍Salaam/Peace! Are you a woman who wants to know how to create and maintain your best relationships? How about a wife in polygyny or potential wife who wants to be confident in her marriage? I'd love to help you gain that confidence that can garner success and fulfillment and marital bliss. (Yes, really.) I am an author📖, coach & one of the founders of Outstanding Personal Relationships, where I, along with my husband and co-wife, coach people to foster fulfilling relationships whether they practice monogamy or polygyny. 💎Ask me in a room to learn more or connect via… Youtube and Facebook: @OutstandingPersonalRelationships Instagram: @OutstandingRelationships or @CoachNyla 🎁 Sign up for our Freemium Membership where you will have access to live trainings, special events and more! 🛒Check out our relationship building courses and products: 🗣 Join our Facebook group, where we talk about marriage, relationships and of course polygyny