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“I commit to my life’s work being worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.” 💡Coach LYTE- “Live Your True Expression!”™️ _________________________________ ♣️🏠 🍃Founder, Optimistic Masterminds™️ 🔥🔥 Founder/Owner Avoid Being Average™️ 🏹 Impact Action Business Coach CEO Space Club President -NYC C-Suite Network, Executive Leader 🌿Mental Health First Aid Instructor Ontological• Strength Based Transformation Coach Clinical Chaplin Pastoral Psychotherapist Creative Director/ 💎 Optimistic Mastermind™️ 💎 Resilience Life Strategist™️ 💎 Dream Investor 💎 Creative Architect 💎 Community Bridge Builder 💎 Peace Warrior 💎 Value Expander 💎 Grass-root to C-Suite Catalyst 💎 Champion for under heard youth: - Young Fathers - Children of incarcerated parents - Children with LGBTQ parents 💎 Homeschool Principal/Dad.                   _________________________________ “Great Coaches see the best in those they coach and celebrate the positive attitude & impact they make in the world” I work with Successful, Fun, Professionals like you. (Especially you who may feel like your by yourself on your great journey) Mindset is key! Communication is Essential! 🎁 Are you willing to explore & put your optimistic mindset to a test? 🎁 Can you see opportunity & possibilities in the face of adversity? 🎁 Results over Reasons! Which one has more points on the scoreboard of your life and career? 🎖Get Certified! Ask me how to get yourself & your team certified in Mental Health 1st Aid! ———————————————— FunFacts: 📡 🎙 Hosted 💯💯💯💯+😎 rooms on CH Optimistic Masterminds Mon-Fri 7:30-9am (Est) “Originally created (11/4/2020) - After the all night opinionated party conversations in the CLUB are done we created a welcoming HOUSE to remind everyone the power of communicating with Optimism. 🏆🛼⛸ Retired Roller Skate & Ice Skate Coach. “Balance is key! -No one else can stand or skate for you” 👨🏾‍🎨🎨👕Semi-Retired Airbrush Artist almost 100,000 T-shirts & more designs hand painted. “$25t-shirts to $250k coaching business... it took 10+ years, tears & still conquering fears, creating new possibilities!” 💁🏾‍♂️Still a tech/social media updater work in progress. “I love, value & respect people over technology and will always 💯...That’s why I coach 😎” 📧 [email protected]