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📒Writer with 27 Published books on Amazon 🎙Podcast Host "The LockMarie Talk Show" 🎙Spoken Word Artist (x💙Goddess) 🏁FrontRunner 🥗Certified Healthy Keto n Intermittent Fasting/ Goddess helping clients heal from the inside out, lose all unhealthy emotional weight/ body weight, & health issues for life. - MEDICATION IS NOT NEEDED -get aligned & rid yourself of the symptoms, prescribed drugs ✊🏽I'm full of Passionate & Energy & love being happy & grooving to music - I'm a WHOLE VIBE all alone 🧘🏽‍♀️I believe in protecting my energy at all times-any cost -being aligned & vibrationally in control with peace of mind is priceless & a must for a successfully healthy life I 💙 high vibes! 🙏🏾 I wish all ladies live Happy & Healthy no matter what your profession , craft or art -even after a divorce/ separations or what others call a loss in life, I call them blessings in disguise, apart of your master plan to rediscover who you truly are and what you truly desire in life. left 2 marriages with no regrets- understanding now they were just stepping stones, a part of my life's path, to get me back to who I was truly born to be- 🥰Self Love does exist, but it's NOT what you think My life purpose & mission is Developing New Generations of 🏁FRONTRUNNER's with: -Healthy Inner Being/Minds -Healthy-Fit body & lifestyles -Bold enough to set the pace not follow others - I've learned "the secret" 🤫 the keys & skills to life, to maintain complete health & weight loss & so can you 🥰 -Healthy-Self Worth -Healthy-Self Value -Healthy -Self Esteem -Healthy Mind -Healthy Body -Healthy Credit too🤪 (I gave up every thing 2x to start over again in life & so can you) -Healthy Relationships with other women & with men in general 💋💋My Belief- "YES GOD exist & The LOA DOES Exist -God created the Universe & LOA to keep order-point blank. You daily create what you see & what you receive from those around you - if you don't like it - then you change first, then it will change- or it will leave your experience. It's the LAW! I'm a Well Balanced Believer - -took me a min to get here & shake Old Beliefs I acquired from others-but it was all worth it - life journey - the reason I was born -What you focus on is definitely what you get daily -Whether directly or by Default choose to purposely create & experience Positive, Healthy & Peaceful Vibes ONLY! 🧘🏽‍♂️🙏🏾💙