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Karla Rodriguez




🌺Trainer of NLP 🌺Personal Evolution Coach 🌺 Master Hypnosis Coach 🎙Metafit Metamind Podcast Host 🧠 Metafit Metamind Academy Certifying coaches to guide people towards their personal evolution to live their healthy and wealthy lives! 🧞‍♀️I guide Ambitious Women of Diverse Backgrounds to live Healthy & Wealthy w/ NLP & Hypnosis Latina 🇺🇸🇭🇳🇸🇻 💃🏽 📍Austin, TX 🎧Heard On 🎙️A Little Bit of Everything with Me! 🎙️Woman Up Podcast 🎙️The Always Believer 🎙️LA Mami Life 🎙️The Pursuit of Healthiness Some of my loves 👨🏽‍🦱Husband 👦🏽Son 🏋️‍♀️Crossfit 💃Dance 🧠Human Behavior 📚Paper and Audiobooks 🎙️Podcasting Learn about your gut brain axis- it’s all connected to your emotions and even your symptomology… 💡 Join the METAFIT METAMIND Community 🎙 IG @metafitmetamindpodcast Follow me and DM me on the IG ⬇️