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Marriage & Polygyny Coach Author🖋 Co-author of "Let's Talk Polygyny: Uncensored." 📚 Freelance Artist 🎨 Relationship Coach Fashion & Interior Design enthusiast🥻🛋 Personal wellness lover Salaams/Peace, My name is Coach Fatimah & I assist others on their journey to becoming the BEST version of themselves so they can live a life of true fulfillment on a deeper level! Muslimah🧕🏽 🕋 | Loving wife & Mother 👸🏾| Relationship Coach, specializing in Polygyny | Author 📖🖋| Entrepreneur 💰👜| Mentor| Fearless Fashionista 👘| In 1995, I made a life changing decision to marry Coach Nazir and begin my transformation as a loving wife & mother! Fast forward, we have now been married for 26 years & in polygyny for 11 years along with my amazing co-wife Coach Nyla. Has the transition always been easy? Well the short answer would be, no. However; through much dua & work in personal development, I found that Polygyny has the great potential to be successful, with the proper mindset! We are Founders Of Outstanding Personal Relationships & Authors of 'Let’s Talk Polygyny'. We've developed several high level relationship products for those who are single, monogamous, or polygynous. • Relationship Master Inner Circle • True Queens Online Course on Womanhood • Kings & Kingdoms Online Manhood Course • Successful Marriage Challenge: Kings & Queens Reach out at Media or Contract: [email protected] FB & YT: IG: @outstandingrelationships