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🎯 Take the High Performance Quiz💥 Text action2021 to 26786 🔥Forbes Coaches Council 🎤 Keynote Speaker 🧭Certified High Performance Coach 📈 Business Growth Strategist 📊 Seminar Host, ACTION To WIN 🎧 Podcast Host, Best You Best Business 📚 Best Selling Author 🦷 CEO, Dentist 🚀 -🔥 Text CLUBHOUSE to 626-298-7587 for PRODUCTIVITY BLUEPRINT -📖 FREE EBOOK www.exceptional -FREE 30 MINUTES CONSULTATION : Text SBA501 to 26786 DM me on Instagram for info about Business Growth Mastermind Serial entrepreneur CEO of multiple dental practices Private coach to professionals International speaker TEDx speaker Featured on magazines :Dental Town , Global Woman, See Beyond Featured in media: Yahoo!Finance, USA Today, FOX Contributing writer for Dental IQ and Dentistry Today Founder and CEO, Exceptional Leverage Inc. Certified Kolbe Consultant : helping team grow with customized insights to boost performance Team SOO Member I help business owners and entrepreneurs maximize their potential, position as authority in their industry, control stress, streamline business and win back time from work