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I am Coach DC, a Personal Development Coach known for developing the OODA Loop method. My focus is on working with individuals ranging from 8 years old to adults. I am also the founder of the NtenseFit Way, a fitness program that combines Mind, Body, and Breath techniques. Furthermore, my expertise includes certifications in Yoga, Muay Thai, Personal Training, and Speed and Agility training. Please let me know if you have any questions or visit me on OWWLL. God or Nature is the vibration of the opposites that create life. Inhale exhale, create life. Man and Woman create life. Light and vision create seeing. Sound and vibration create hearing. Just as plants are buried and half visible. Or as above so below. God is the vibration of opposites that create. We as people don’t see, well we do, but we don’t understand this. But we feel the vibrations and sometimes those vibrations leads us to places and things and people we call chance. #God #vbration #creation Coach DC.