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Alex Herrmann




Neuro Performance Coach, Mental Toughness Expert, helps to achieve Peak Performance in your Mind, your Business and your Health 365 Days/Year! Be more FOCUSED, PRODUCTIVE and INNOVATIVE! Think FASTER, more STRATEGIC and be more SELF-CONFIDENT! I help Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Athletes and other High Level Performers to Master their Mindset & Mental Game for Peak Performance based on the latest Neuro-science! #erfolgbeginntimkopf #resultsdontlie #trainyourbrainforsuccess #noxcuses 🧠🏢Integrative Neuro Coach 🧠💪🏼Expert for Mental Toughness 🧠💪🏼Life Kinetik Brain Coach 🧠💪🏼Resilience Coach 🏋🏻💪🏼Personal Trainer 👨🏻‍🏫💪🏼PE Teacher ERFOLG BEGINNT IM KOPF!