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Christine Martineau




🌞I see the Light in you Gently guiding energy sensitive beings, feeling emotionally and physically exhausted, to step onto a path of self-love and reclaiming their own healing magic.🌌 Quantum Healing Guide/Self Care Coach/ Lightworker. 💫Here to guide humans to remembering their personal healing power. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 Offers: 1. 👉 2. 💻go to my website Sign ☝ for a Frazzled to Dazzled Session it's free.✔ 3. Energy Recalibrations 👐All my sessions are Zoom📺or Audio☎ 🌷🌼🦋🦉💞 💫Medical Intuitive 👐Reiki Master 💓HeartMath Facilitator 🎓Educator 🌱Holistic Health Coach 🌌Quantum Consciousness Facilitator 💖High Vibrational Leader 🛴⚾Momma of Boys 🍛Wife of the Best Chef/CEO at 🌎Earth Lover 🌳Nature Wandering🙏Meditation Geek 💪Workout Freak (Full disclosure) 🐦Mary Poppins magic is my reality. 👇 Lets talk more magic... manifesting... trusting... loving... Quantum oneness☝💓 #energyexplorer