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Cherie Mathews




🇺🇸 I’m a Cancerpreneur, Inventor, Investor and Founder 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🏍🌎📣 Global Woman Inspirational Award Recipient, Global Woman & Startup Pitch Judge. Founder * I answer IG DM’s personally let’s connect MedTech start up 🏥Inventor of the perfect 🎁 for breast cancer patients. Created, Patented, TM, Proof of Concept 150,000 patients Other stuff 💝22 year breast cancer survivor who designed, created and patented the Healincomfort Recovery Shirt solution. 👩‍💻Computer Engineering 🚀R&D and NASA projects 💡Inventor 📈Entrepreneur 📣Speaker 👩‍🏫Teacher ⛳️Co-pioneer of a program for underserved Public School children started with 48 students helped reach 10 Million 🚸 🏍Ride motorcycles all over the world with my 3 time Ironman husband 🙏🏻I thank God every single day for the breath in my body I started Healincomfort with 💰 $1,000 as a social experiment to help 100 Austin TX patients not have to go through what I did. Turned the goal of helping 100 patients into helping 150,000 souls 👸 Patients want to look like a person not a science experiment. Cancer patients deserve to Healincomfort and with dignity. Fast Facts that might help when starting a business for the first time... 1. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. 2. Know thy money then hire a great accountant and bookkeeper. 3. Processes make business life easier. 4. Measure performance constantly, move the needle every day. 5. Cash or line of credit is a must things cost surprisingly more than you can even begin to image.  6. Find and use the best business technology-Cloud technology has leveled the playing field so small businesses can also be as efficient as the large businesses.  7. ROI (Return On Investment of -time money and effort ) ROI everything and stop chasing squirrels. 8. Marketing - Know your Why. Features Tell & Benefits Sell. Remember it’s about them (customers) - hire help after you know your Why. 9. Score happiness, every day should make your heart beat with excitement even on the hard days.  Did you add value to others? 10. Build in "Soul Pay" so when the money isn't pouring in the soul pay will still make you proud of your efforts.  One of my favorite business quotes is from Jeff Bezos Innovation is not disruptive; Only Customer Adoption is disruptive! And from the amazing Sharon Lechter “Solve a Problem and Serve a Need” Thank you, Cherie Mathews  Let’s connect!