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Clifton Pettyjohn




I am the unique ability that "sees" value in what many undervalue or overlook. I utilize that abilitiy to partner with individuals who are ready to embrace freedom and success both sexually and financially. S/N: My voice is my money maker! Let's talk soon. šŸ”ž Sex Positivity Strategist šŸ”ž Adult Content Creator šŸ’” Monetization Strategist šŸŽ¤ Professional Speaker šŸŽ™ Host | šŸ”ž MDI After Dark podcast šŸ”ž šŸŽ™ Co-Host | the MDI 2.0 podcast šŸ–„ Creator of CREATOR conversation šŸ”—: šŸ“: DE šŸ“: Virtually Worldwide šŸ“§: [email protected] ā˜Žļø: (302) 364-6555 ext 800