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πŸ—£ L, like the letter. (She/Her/Hers) I EMPOWER moms, homeschoolers, and ADVOCATE for children with special needs. Parent health advocate | Speaker | 3️⃣x Published Author | Freelance Writer | Homeschool Mom | Podcast Host | Social Influencer / Blogger πŸ“ DMV πŸ“§ [email protected] πŸ“‡ 410-429-7043 🎧 Host of the Cleverly Changing Podcast ( for moms and dads who want to homeschool or supplement their child’s education. πŸ“² TikTok - @CleverlyChanging 🎀 Become a guest on my podcast ( πŸŽ₯ πŸ’» 🎽 πŸ† Award-winning advocate, author, and speaker for Sickle Cell Disease and Type 1 Diabetes 🌍 International published author of β€œA Sickle Cell Coloring Book for Kids” πŸ“š Buy my book on AMAZON ( or πŸ’» Millennial mompreneur and freelance writer πŸš™ Buy a Tesla and get 1,000 free Supercharging miles. Earn $100 when you activate Tesla’s solar panels: πŸ₯ Motivational Speaker I’m passionate about: πŸ“ Homeschooling πŸ“ Leaving debt free πŸ“ Sickle Cell Disease πŸ“ Type 1 Disease πŸ“ Self-care πŸ“ Caregiver πŸ“ Social media monetization πŸ’Œ [email protected] My goal is to get my book for kids growing up with Sickle Cell Disease in all hospitals across the nation. If you’re interested in helping to make that goal a reality please feel free to donate. Cash app: $CleverlyC Venmo: Elle-Em-1