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Claudrine Arnell




⚖️ International Jurist 📍Based in Paris 🖤 ✴️ Founder of the Journey To Lovely- international platform promoting women empowerment, diversity and sustainable lifestyles via online workshops, podcast interviews and online resources. ✳️ Paid Moderator- bilingual English🇺🇸 & French 🇫🇷 (DM for details) 📌Network with creatives and brands 📌 Collaborate with other thought leaders and shifting the narrative around diversity, equity and empowerment 📌Share knowledge on international politics, business law and social media management 📌 Learn from others and even connect with mentors (Life is truly a lifelong Learning Experience) 🤝Want to support?⚜️PayPal Link: ⚖️ French University and HARVARD-Certified International jurist, US Congress (House of Rep) alum, Television host and Founder of the “JOURNEY TO LOVELY” online platform and Podcast. 🎙 🇺🇳 After moving to Paris to pursue my international law studies, interning at the UNESCO and working at a leading French law firm, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and pursue my passion for writing, luxury branding and etiquette. 🤝Using my legal background, gift of communication and commitment to empowering women, I launched my blog which grew into one of the leading Parisian lifestyle and fashion websites. 📚📇Through my work, podcast and boutique PR agency, I have collaborated with Harry Winston, Paris VOGUE, MTV, BET France, Fashion TV, BALMAIN, Vogue Magazine, 7 Entertainment Television, Fashion Night Couture, Refinery 29, Unleashed World, DeMode Magazine, and countless other beauty and fashion brands. 📈Today, the Journey To Lovely has grown into an international empowerment and educational portal, which aims to guide women through a wide range of topics to fully embrace their femininity and live the life of their dreams. 📌My vision is to give women access to practical tools to learn their immeasurable worth, reach their full potential and embark on their own personal “Journey To Lovely”. ✝️ I also completed the ALPHA Course (International Biblical Program) to share the Gospel. I do not judge anyone for their beliefs and am open to sharing my faith.