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Clarissa Bryant




757 VA📍🖤 Behavior Analyst ✨ I speak and advocate for children and adults who are unable to speak for themselves. ✨I love collaborating with others who implement/ are interested in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and supporting individuals with disabilities to improve socially significant behaviors (social skills, language, academic, daily living, self-care, vocational, recreation, and leisure skills). I help to improve their day to day life experiences and the lives of their significant others. ✨I focus on collaborating with other providers, educators, advocates, and communities with non-behavioral backgrounds to serve individuals with disabilities. ✨I am passionate about helping people discover their individual interests, gifts, and talents by utilizing positive behavior change strategies and principles of ABA. Everything is BEHAVIOR! Together, we can change our world. All people are important and every moment is golden.💫 Building my audience as I build my brand...Here to inspire my local community and the globe 🌍