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Claire B. Soares




Named one of the most influential Black women in travel. I'm the creator of The Self Funded CEO™️ Coaching Program and the Founder + CEO behind the flagship multi-million luxury travel company, Up in the Air Life™️. I'm a serial Entrepreneur and Expat who resides in Mexico in a small beach town. When I'm not grinding - managing my businesses I enjoy traveling the world and mentoring entrepreneurs like yourself. My expertise is in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service with over a decade mastering Corporate Sales at a Fortune 500 company. At my corporate gig I was on the most elite Sales Teams working on Billion $ deals with the government and big names like Google, Microsoft, Disney, Boeing, etc. I've 7 built businesses from scratch since the age of 12 including a non-profit. My real world success and love for teaching led me to create The Self Funded CEO™️. You can learn more about my Coaching program at Email me at [email protected]