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Yoruba Goddess




🧷 Olúwafúnmiláyọ̀ 📌I think Yoruba First! 📌Yoruba Nationalist 📌 Maternal side is Abetifi the highest habitable part of Ghana (Asante) 🇬🇭 📌Proudly Yoruba from Awe in Oyo State 📌 Born and raised in London UK 🇬🇧 📌 Investment banking 🏡 Airbnb Superhost 🏘️ Property entrepreneur 👩🏿‍🦱Natural hair, no chemicals, midback length now ✈️ Globetrotter ✊🏿 Disclaimer The views & opinions expressed on stages or room titles where I am present do not reflect that of myself or any organisations I'm affiliated with.