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Indigenous | 🌱Plant Based Lifestyle Enthusiast | Alkaline Vegan Health Coach | Life Coach | Business Coach | Sales Coach | World Traveler🧳 | Marketings Strategist | Herbalist | Alchemist | Truther | Divine Being✨ | Serial Entrepreneur🎩👑👒 | Philosopher | NonConformist | Lover of Astrology | Spiritual Being| 🧿 🧿 🧿 🧿 🧿 🧿 🧿 Life Path 11 Can Help You With Spiritual Activation 🫂 Healing Trauma🖤 🥳 Reminding You To Celebrate Yourself 🌱Transitioning To A Healthy Lifestyle 🌹Womb Healing 👑Adjusting Your Crown 😶 Fasting 🚼📈 Birth Chart Readings 💗Agent Of Unconditional Love Energy Exchanges Welcome 🙏🏽 Cashapp: $investwithci Drinks Her Water 💧 Minds Her Business Independent Researcher Student Of Life 📌🗿Ancient Knowledge 📌 Astrology 📌 Health 📌 History 📌 Religions and cultures 📌 Philosophy 📌 Esoteric Knowledge 📌Cosmology 📌 Nutrition 📈Options Never Stop Learning Never Stop Growing Never Give up on Yourself 🧿 My Presence in A Room Does Not Imply That I Share The Same Thoughts Views or Opinions Of The Participants Or The Title. There’s a Chance I Just Want To Unfollow a Speaker So I Don’t Have Those Rooms in My Hallway. I’m also pretty open minded so I let people be themselves and appreciate them for it.