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Founder 👨‍🚀 / CEO 🤓 / Executive Producer 🤩🎥 💡Unlocking 🔓 your blockchain mind 🧠 is the key 🔑 to technological enlightenment 🤯 ➡️ Down 👇 the rabbit 🕳🐇 hole we go 🚀🌒 CineBlock® is a web3, film-tech software company building revolutionary apps to disrupt the film industry. “Show business IS NOW your business.”™ 🤑👉 Sign up @ ••• Founder / CEO ——————— CineBlock Films™ is a film3 / web3 platform that democratizes the film finance and investing process for producers, investors, and fans. Now anyone can legally invest in or fund filmed story media content right from their mobile device. “Press Play to Press Fun.”™ ••• Recently added to the CineBlock® app suite: NiFTyCinema™ - the premier NFT marketplace dApp for filmed-based 🎞️ 🎬 digital collectibles. “Film. Mint. Enjoy!”™ ••• Executive Producer ————————— Out now: 👇 “Malibu Road” the movie 🎥🎬 Available on Tubi, Prime Video, and AppleTV. Currently shooting: 👇 “An Unusual Method: The Ian McCall Story” A documentary about ex-UFC fighter Ian McCall’s past struggles with mental health to his rebirth as a personal guide for new, up-and-coming pro athletes thru psychedelic healing.