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Cindy Horan




Live on Kodiak Island in Alaska, Enjoy this beautiful Energy being that I am. 💎🌏 Everything has a sound and a frequency of energy. Help release trapped emotions in subconscious mind •Help you process Past Life Karma (low dense frequencies affecting your current life especially your health) •Sound Bowl healing with Meditation •Energy Healer Psychic Surgeon all done through love •Shamanic Psychedlic Practitioner plant medicine (A Lifetime of Therapy in 2 days) •love to spend hours in the wilderness with Mother Earth 🐻 🦅 🐟 🌲 •Eat raw energy from the land 🫐 •Take off your shoes and soak up raw energy from the land 🦶 👣 •enjoy exploring and finding treasures • connected with me your life will be forever changed