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Chrystal James




Formed in 2004 out of Sparrows Point, Maryland, Chrystal James is the face and soul of the post industrial hard rock band Anoxia. Knowing the potential of this band, there were a number of line up changes made over the years; each one improving and building on what became a local powerhouse with heavy riffs over electronic keys, layered with powerful and at times ethereal vocals. Anoxia went on to share the stage with bands such as Saving Able, Adema, Hed P.E., Soil, the late Wayne Static of Static-X, as well as members of Anoxia sharing the stage with Starset, Gemini Syndrome and 10 Years. In 2014, the band took a hiatus due to ...well... life. Seven long years later Chrystal and Dan decided to reignite the fires of Anoxia, answering the call of the Shadow Phoenix to once again rise from the ashes to reclaim her throne!